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Inverness County Railway Trail

 In Inverness County,there is an abandon railbed trail with at the momment there is about a 
30-40km section of the tracks being maintined by snowmobile clubs,for snowmobile use in 
winter.As of now (Feb '00) the trail is wide open from Port Hood to Inverness and waiting 
for you!The only catch is you can't drive there when there is enough snow on the ground for 
snowmobliers. An unloading spot near Port Hood is:drive along route 19 from the causeway 
for about 40-50 mins,then pass the Port Hood turn off on the left and drive for another 2-3 
mins to the (dirt) Glencoe Station road on the right,drive up here for about 2-5 mins till 
you see the Glencoe Station Hall Parking lot on the right,this is the unloading spot. The 
trail is a couple feet back down the Glencoe Station road from the hall parking lot.There 
are many trails leading off this main trail as it proceeds also the trail ends behind 
"The Hoff" Pub and resturant in Inverness,where a bite can be grabbed before heading back.
Also a 40-60km section of this abandon railway trail is under construction.